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About us

Dabstercar team of experts car removalists, dismantlers, drivers, recyclers, and even our customer support team works hard to provide for our customers’ car parts needs with all these core values in mind:

Dedication - We are committed to provide all our clients high quality steering rack end bushing for. With that in mind, we continue to make sure that all those hard-to-find parts and components are available in our wide inventory.

Passion - We love everything that we do - from the procurement of the old and used cars to the actual selling of the auto parts and even up to the proper disposal of toxic car wastes. Because of this, you are assured that we’ll only be providing top-quality customer service.

Trust & Loyalty - We believe that this goes hand in hand. If we won’t be able to earn our customer’s trust, we won’t be having their loyalty as well. That is why we always stay true to our word. If we say that this particular auto part is in “like new” condition, expect to get exactly that.

Innovation - We truly believe that keeping ourselves updated with the latest techniques and technologies is one of the keys to success. Having said that, we pride ourselves in having the latest eco-friendly tools and equipment to properly inspect, fix, refurbish, and test the car parts to their best condition possible.

Customer focus - The satisfaction and happiness of our customers are what drives us. It is our ultimate goal to not only provide you with the car part that you need, but also be able to meet your expectations even when it comes to enquiry, search and processing time, negotiating, product quality, delivery, and more.

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